Salbyksky mound

c636b478193eValley of the Kings ( Salbyksky Basin) Located near Abakan, at the foot of the ridge Batenevskogo . There are more than 50 large mounds. In the center of the basin is the Great Salbyksky mound excavated in 1954 – 1956 years. MSU expedition led by Professor S. Kiselyov.
Large mound erected Salbyksky 2.5 thousand years ago for the deceased leader Tagar . As conceived by the ancient architects, stone building , put into the base of the mound , was to remind spacious residential building with sides approximately 70×70 m Its walls rising above the ground at 3 m, were built of huge stone slabs ( visible height of 4 – 5 m, weight – 50 tons) .
In the northern and southern walls of the left one window – opening. In the middle of a stone fence builders erected a wooden vault in the form of a truncated pyramid , decorated with bunting wide bark . Then pour over the crypt was earth embankment height of 25 – 30 meters, which , according to scientists , was originally a pyramid shape .
Near the Great Salbyk mound located more than 20 large mounds of tribal leaders .
They say that the Valley of the Kings is an area of ​​special psychological comfort , as it is located on a huge stone platform that does not break the surface of the flow of negative energy . Tagartsy ( dinliny ) allegedly failed to recognize this and have made the valley the eternal resting place of their leaders .
According to another version , the two ancient stones , symbolizing the gateway to the Valley of the Kings , is a tectonic fault , resulting in a huge burst of energy . Shamans is a sacred place , this is where they spend a rite of purification , renewing energy of the person .
Built in IV-V centuries . BC Its height is 11 meters , diameter – half a kilometer. Cyclopean stone wall built of massive stone slabs 3-6 m tall mound originally had the shape of a truncated pyramid , reaches a height of 30 m and a diameter of more than 100 m in the center of the fence was a burial chamber , made ​​of thick logs felled in which the mighty king was buried . The tomb was plundered in antiquity ( about I in . AD), during excavations scientists found scattered bones , fragments of pottery and bronze knife. It was also found stone millstone round the oldest in Siberia rotating hand mill .
Scales mound impressive: under an earthen rampart discovered stone wall fence mound – standing upright stele height of 5-6 meters , and even 2-3 meters buried in the ground , weigh at least 40 tons. They support the main clutch of huge flat slabs set horizontally.
Currently, the monument is destroyed , one of the vertical slabs weighing up to 10 tons fell. Necessary to investigate the state of the fence and decide on its preservation . Near the mound certainly should put protection . Discontinue Salbyksky excavations in the valley .

HOW TO GET: Go out from Abakan to Sorsk, on the way you can see the sign “Салбыкский курган” (turn on the left). See to salbyk

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